Group 31 Battery Specs?

Answer The Battery Council International (BCI) is the nonprofit trade association of the battery industry. The BCI has established a standardized coding system for battery sizes to make classifying simple... Read More »

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1989 Suzuki Swift Group Specs?

The 1989 Suzuki Swift is available as both a two-door coupe and four-door sedan. The Swift group includes the GLX and GTI models. When they came out, the Swift models carried a price tag between $7... Read More »

Interstate L-16 Battery Specs?

An L-16 battery is a category of vehicle batteries which use renewable energy systems and are of mid-range battery power, between a golf cart and heavy duty industrial battery, usually found in car... Read More »

BMW Battery Charge Specs?

BMW automobiles use a 12-volt battery that is essential to start and operate all its intricate electronic features such as its computer screen that links you to the GPS system, phone, emergency ass... Read More »

iPhone Battery Specs?

Almost every portable device utilizes a rechargeable battery of some kind, and Apple's iPhone is no exception. Knowing exactly what kind of battery is in your iPhone and what the battery's specs ar... Read More »