Grounding Facts for 4th Graders?

Answer In the past, American students have been spared many details regarding the world at large, with lesson plans focusing on pilgrims feasting with Native Americans instead of providing relevant facts ... Read More »

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Are 3rd graders dumber than 5th graders?

No. 5th graders are dumber than third graders because 5th graders could kill everybody riding the bus. Because they sing annoying songs all the time ( which could Descartes the bus driver.)

How to Prepare For a Grounding?

Prepare yourself for a grounding!In the event of the craving of annoying your brother or sister, but you know you’ll get grounded, there are a few things you can do to prepare and bother your sib... Read More »

What is a grounding device?

what the hell is a grounding device?Any device that allows you to affix a ground wire to the mechanical enclosure that the conductors are in. eg. Ground lugs, ground screw in an electrical box.

Why is grounding necessary in electricity?

Grounding is done for safety reasons, such as preventing electrical shock. Grounding allows stray voltage from an electrical system to flow into the ground or another area that has the capacity to ... Read More »