Groundhog Projects for Preschool?

Answer The Groundhog's Day tradition started with the Pennsylvania Dutch and has become a yearly celebration throughout the United States. On Groundhog's Day, we await the groundhog coming out of its burr... Read More »

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Groundhog Day Projects & Free Printables?

Each February, the infamous Punxsutawney Phil creeps his way out of his habitat in Pennsylvania to either see and hide from his shadow or venture out into the bitter February cold. Create engaging ... Read More »

Zoo Projects for Preschool?

Most preschoolers love animals, so talking about the zoo will interest them. Use a zoo lesson to talk about the differences among animals. Explain that children may pet and feed their own dogs, but... Read More »

Fun Preschool Art Projects?

Provide art experiences for preschoolers to help with their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and satisfy natural curiosity. Preschoolers can receive these benefits working with fingerpaint,... Read More »

Preschool Bug Projects?

Preschool children love to observe, imitate and draw the creeping, crawling denizens of the back yard. The child who watches intently as a ladybug scurries across a leaf gains new knowledge about n... Read More »