Gross Sales to Equity Ratio?

Answer The gross sales-to-equity ratio is an operating performance ratio used in financial analysis of organizations that generate sales. The ratio measures key relationships in a company's day-to-day ope... Read More »

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What is the difference between gross sales and gross receipts as far as an audit is concerned?

GROSS RECEIPTS is the total amount received prior to the deduction of any allowances, discounts, credits, etc.GROSS REVENUE is income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some g... Read More »

Equity Per Share Ratio?

When trolling through the ocean of information available on common stock investments, "equity per share" is one number that you should take into account. There is a simple way of calculating this n... Read More »

What is a gross profit ratio?

Gross profit ratio is a number that determines how much a business can cut its sale prices without suffering losses. The formula used to determine gross profit ratio is: Gross Profit Ratio = (Gros... Read More »

What Is Gross Spread Ratio?

Gross spread ratio looks at the spread of interest between borrowing and lending. Banks make money by borrowing short-term money from depositors and then using these funds to make long-term loans t... Read More »