Grolsch beer, I just bought a bitter 4 pack of it, why was that?

Answer that's because your taste buds have become accustomed to only the finest brandy. you're comparing prime rib to pork chops.b.q.: moosehead. it's a canadian beer, hard to find sometimes, but by fa... Read More »

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I just bought a ps3 that requires 110v but my electrical plug emits 230v so i bought a step down transformer.?

No, you will not damage your unit by running at higher wattage. The ps3 will take what it needs, as you say, 360w. So, a fifty watt supply will be too little, and that will damage your unit.1600w... Read More »

Just bought new norton security 2012 security pack but nothing happens when I put it in disk tray?

u may need to update your cd-dvd rom driver >

I just bought an HDTV. Does that mean that I have to buy the HD upgrade with my satellite company ?

You don't have to, it is an optional feature that they offer and is very highly recommended especially for the LCD HDTV's.It will basically make your picture more crystal clear, and more vivid and ... Read More »

Is it true that a broken condom and a six pack of beer makes a baby?

No, you have to have sex to make a baby. A broken condom can be of assistance but no more.