Groin troubles help!!!?

Answer You strained your groin. Take it easy until it quits hurting.

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Printer troubles. Help!?

uninstall the printer then reinstall it,now go into printers&faxs thenright click the printer then click on printing preferences,nowclean the heads&nozzles.if you have new ink in it did you takethe... Read More »

Laptop Troubles Please Help?

You have a hardware issue. Take it to a buddy who is good with computers to take it apart and have a look at it. I recently had a problem similar with a Dell and it ended up being a HDD that wasn't... Read More »

Im having bathroom troubles HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?

take the knob off use a broom handle to push the downers back its easy

Tummy troubles :( please help!?

Try making an appointment with your local gastroenterologist. They study disorders of the stomach and digestive tract. So that would be your best bet! This sounds like something a specialist should... Read More »