Grocery Bill Woes?

Answer If you are getting into this, it will take a little time to get balanced...especially if you are making that many lunches. I am alone with my husband and we are both vegan.I found that having stap... Read More »

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How to Calculate Your Grocery Bill?

Shopping for groceries and staying in budget is tricky. The cost of food is rising; however, our need to visit the grocery store hasn’t changed. Estimating costs, based on what your family eats, ... Read More »

How did you cut your down on your monthly grocery bill?

i found this in an article The first thing you need to do after you've made your grocery list is to try to figure the total cost of your grocery bill. Make sure you've got everything on the list t... Read More »

Saving money on grocery bill?

Good grief alot of these people aren't really helping you, are they?? That does seem a bit high, though it might be about right depending on the area you live in. I happen to be a avid coupon sho... Read More »

How much is your weekly family grocery bill(average) and in what country do you live?

You spend $1000 a month on groceries?????? HOLY CRAP.For a family of four my grocery budget (including sundries and toiletries) was never more than about $500/month CDN.Now that there's only the t... Read More »