Green horizontal line on my screen.?

Answer I would say this is most likely your HDD so I would either get it checked or take it out of your computer and put it into another computer so you can rule it out as the problem but I think the prob... Read More »

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I have green horizontal lines on my screen, what is causing this?

There has been an issue with the LCD panels developing delamination defects...They'll have to replace the LCD panel on some units, others require either the LVDS cable and the main board if it's no... Read More »

My TV has a single horizontal line across the screen unless you hit the side, then it works for a few seconds.?

Theres a green line running horizontally in the middle of my TV screen?

You have a faulty TV set,if its still under warranty best to call out the tech guys.

How do you put Square Cubes between line , instead of horizontal line in HTML!?

See the guide here:…