Greek Rolling Hoop Games for Children?

Answer The ancient Greek scholar of dream interpretation Artemidorus suggested, "If you dream about rolling a hoop, it means that you have come to the end of your troubles and abundant happiness will foll... Read More »

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How to Learn Greek for Children?

Kathleen Marcos, of Kids Source, says most experts concur that the earlier a child is introduced to a language or a second language, the more likely she is to become skilled in it. That's why letti... Read More »

Greek Hairstyles for Children?

Ancient Greek cultures placed pride on their hair. Women sat in the sun and used the sun to naturally lighten their hair, while men wore long hair. Hairstyles for children mimicked those of adults.... Read More »

Ancient Greek Sandals for Children?

Anyone who has ever been a parent can tell you stories of trying to cobble together costumes for Halloween or class plays that meet their children's visions of imaginative grandeur. When the theme ... Read More »

Greek School Games?

Children who are of Greek descent might be instructed in a Greek school in order to keep the traditions of the heritage alive. Teachers and parents can incorporate some Greek games into the educati... Read More »