Greek Mythical Gods as Matchmakers?

Answer Themes of passionate and unyielding love abound in the stories of Greek gods and goddesses. Two central matchmaking deities are Aphrodite and Eros. As the goddess of love, beauty and marriage, Aphr... Read More »

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Ancient Greek Music Gods?

The ancient Greeks had many gods of music, some part of the Olympic pantheon, others obscure even at the height of Greek power. Several gods not worshipped for musical prowess were still regarded a... Read More »

What are common examples of Gods (Greek or roman) in modern advertisement?

Ferraro Rocher Candy shows the gods eating their candy.…

Student Activities for Middle School on Ancient Greek Gods?

Planning student activities to supplement lessons on the ancient Greek god will help students better understand the complexities of Greek mythology. Various activities may include theatrical presen... Read More »

What ancient Greek author of 90 plays invoked the gods to solve problems?