Great Jobs to Get Outdoors?

Answer Not everyone is cut out for a work life spent in an office. For many people, especially those that enjoy being active or are creative, working in an office can contribute to a miserable and apathet... Read More »

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Do you enjoy putting your living room furniture outside your trailer so you can enjoy the great outdoors.....?

Yes, plus it maks it easier to hose off all the ILF, and Beanus juices from the parties.....Thank goodness for inflatable furniture.

How are you related to your great great great great great grandfather's great great great great great grandson?

The great great great great great grandson of your of your great great great great great grandfather could be:yourself (if you are a boy)your brotheryour first cousinyour second cousinyour third co... Read More »

Great Jobs to Get With an Associate's Degree?

Community colleges have gained popularity in recent times because they tend to be a lot less expensive than traditional four-year colleges and universities. Many students think that they must trans... Read More »

What jobs provide housing, traveling, and great pay?

The military if your married. I was in the Army and i was single and didn't make sh*t but tif ur married you make bank and you and your family travel and live for free. :) and the army pays for all... Read More »