Grasshopper Damage to Roses?

Answer Grasshoppers can do significant damage to rose plants. The insects tend to flourish in rural communities and on farmland, as they require relatively large, undisturbed areas to breed, but they can ... Read More »

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Can glow worms damage my roses I found many of them last night as?

no they will eat the green fly and any other aphids, that can hurt your roses! Look after them, they are rare!

Red roses or pink roses to say i love you?

Here's a list of meanings for red and pink roses.Red Love, Beauty, Courage and Respect, Romantic Love, Congratulations, "I Love You", "Job Well Done", Sincere Love, Respect, Courage & Passion Re... Read More »

How to Tame a Grasshopper?

Have you ever had a pet grasshopper? When you picked it up did it hop away? Well read this article and you won't even need a cage!

How to Draw a Grasshopper?

Grasshoppers use their color to hide in the green grass, leaping around to get food and escape predators. Here's an tutorial on how to draw this simple yet fascinating creature.