Grass Seed for Dense Shade?

Answer Varying degrees of shade occur in every landscape. Since it is nearly impossible to grow plants in the absence of sufficient light, these areas constitute challenges for gardeners. The best way to ... Read More »

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Shade Tolerant Grass Seed?

A shady, green lawn is among the most pleasant places to spend time outdoors. However, growing one can be challenging. Many issues can arise when attempting to grow a lawn in an area of reduced lig... Read More »

Grass Seed That Grows in the Shade?

Not very many grass types thrive in shady locations. In fact, if the shady area receives less that four hours of sunlight daily, it will not support grass growth, according to Clemson University. H... Read More »

What kind of grass seed grow best in shade in houston?

St. Augustine would be your best bet. It is a shade-tolerant warm season grass variety.

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