Graphing Activities for Linear Algebra?

Answer Graphing lines is an essential part of any algebra course, yet learning this skill is difficult for many students, especially if their spatial skills are weak. You can reinforce the basic skills of... Read More »

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Activities for Graphing Linear Equations?

The ability to graph linear equations is critical in all math courses beyond algebra, and you should be sure to give your students a strong introduction to graphing equations. Students are more lik... Read More »

Algebra 2 Graphing Terms?

Even students who had top grades in earlier algebra classes can find the more advanced concepts presented in Algebra 2 baffling. Students will find that they are working with much more complex grap... Read More »

How to Solve by Graphing Using Algebra?

Algebra need not be endless calculation. You can solve some algebra problems visually by graphing. Solving problems by graphing can be helpful because it causes you to visualize the mathematical st... Read More »

How to Create a Linear System on a Graphing Calculator?

Linear systems are used to solve a variety of engineering problems. Creating a linear system on a graphing calculator requires entering at least two linear equations (equations of a line), into th... Read More »