Graphics card question?

Answer There be 3 types of slots available. AGP, PCI, PCI-experss (PCI-E)It has to be the same. Do a little research and make sure your graphix card isn't so much faster than the rest of your computer, th... Read More »

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Graphics Card PCI Question?

It will work either way (2.0 or 2.1).The only difference between the two is that PCIe 2.1 adds management features that will be used with PCIe 3.0. PCIe 2.1 is backwards compatible, meaning that al... Read More »

Graphics card question (GPU)?

It will be just fine. I just bought almost the same spec as you. I run Assassin's Creed series or Shogun 2 TW on maximum settings with a 1920*1080 screen resolution.

Graphics Card Memory Question?

There are two different specs to consider about graphics card memory1. The type of memory - GDDR2, GDDR32. The amount of memory - 256mb, 512mb, 1gbThe fact is, #1 is MUCH more important than #2!!!A... Read More »

CyberPower PC graphics card question help?

A 650 should be able to run it over 150FPS, so graphics card performance shouldn't be the problem. My only advice is to update the graphics card drivers, and possibly reinstall the game.