Graphics card and motherboard compatibility?

Answer With that mobo you should be able to use any newer generation gpu, seeing how it's Z77 with 1155 socket.This GPU should work fine with the mobo and it is within your budget. Read More »

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Graphics card, motherboard compatibility?

yes will work, you have 1 PCI-E x16 slot which the card will work off of.

Graphics Card compatibility Help?

You have 1 PCIe slot on your motherboard,so the 5770 is compatible with it...What is the name brand of the power supply you installed? Even if its 550w it does not mean it can run the 5770 Especial... Read More »

Grapics Card and Asus motherboard compatibility help?

No you cannot put DDR3 into a DDR2 Slots, first off.Second off, it would work, but i would not reccomend it, as that card will try to make use of 16x PCIe. While your motherboard has a 16x PCIe slo... Read More »

Graphics Card compatibility for older gateway?

Cannot find much(mind have not spent hours looking) but apparently it runs like pc2100 ram(i can remember when that was awesome), it will have a 32bit pci slot, i really doubt it has even an agp sl... Read More »