Graphic memory or RAM is more important for gaming?

Answer Neither, really.The most important thing for gaming is your graphics card model. Whether it's a GeForce GT 520, GTS 450 or GTX 460... Whether it's a Radeon HD 5450, 5670 or 5750- not the amount of... Read More »

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When building a gaming system. What is more important, processor speed or RAM memory?

The processor should be your main focus if you are planning a gaming build, because it is not as logical, or cost efficient to keep changing your processor. RAM is ALOT easier, and cheaper to chan... Read More »

My gaming graphic is 4.6 how to make it higher?

7.9 is an almost unachievable score unless you have hundreds in your wallet to spend. My partner has an nVidia GTS450 which cost £80 ($110) last year, so it'll probably be cheaper. It's not the hi... Read More »

Everything you should know when buying gaming graphic card?

Graphics cards are not evaluated by underlying specs like memory bandwidth, number of processor cores, core & memory speeds etc. All of that stuff is pretty useless. What matters is how different... Read More »

Which graphic cards are better for gaming NVIDIA or ATi?

I don’t suffer from brand loyalty but given the current offerings Nvidia and ATI the price for performance favors Nvidia. Nvidia’s new line of 9xxx cards coming out in Nov should make the 8xxx... Read More »