Graphic Design Major/ Jobs?

Answer To succeed in graphic design, you need to be REALLY good. In the past 10 years, the number of people graduating with graphic design degrees has grown exponentially, which means there are more desig... Read More »

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Universities That Offer Graphic Design As a Major?

Many universities offer undergraduate and graduate programs in graphic design, giving students the opportunity to study in the dynamic cultural environment of a large campus. These institutions acr... Read More »

Where to Look for Graphic Design Jobs?

A small business needs to create advertising that will catch a potential consumer's attention quickly, and hold it. While it's certainly possible for a company to design its own brochures, business... Read More »

What Kind of College Classes Do You Need to Major in Graphic Design?

Graphic design is dynamic and multifaceted career path that can develop into many opportunities. Like most majors in college, graphic design can be as specialized or well-rounded as you choose. Som... Read More »

Auto Graphic Design Instructions for Placing the Design on a Vehicle?

Auto graphic design decals and wraps can transform any automotive vehicle into a complex, mobile piece of art. It is especially beneficial for business, as mobile advertising increases brand and pr... Read More »