Graphic Cards. Should i get this one?

Answer Yes, the GT 430 is much, much better.Your old card (GeForce 6100) is slower than the bottom card on this chart:…A GeForce GT 430 is about equal to the Rade... Read More »

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Are video cards&graphic cards the same?

A video card is the same thing as a graphics card. Both terms refer to a specialized microchip designed to deliver computer graphics to a monitor's screen. A video card or graphic card is often use... Read More »

Best graphic cards ever?

Best graphics card so far is the nvidia 8800GTX Ultra but it is the most expensive one out there.Then comes the 8800GTX, 8800GTS, 8800GT, and so on.If you are on a lower budget for a good graphics... Read More »

Reasons to Have Two Graphic Cards?

Both Nvidia's SLI and ATI's Crossfire technologies allow you to combine two or more graphics cards in a single computer. The inner workings of both are a little different, but they have the same en... Read More »

How to Get the Best Performance Out of Graphic Cards?

Running too many programs or selecting software that is not compatible with the hardware will dampen the performance of even the best graphics cards. If you have a graphics card installed on your c... Read More »