Grapevines.... serious question. we have acquired a plant and are told to plant outside the greenhouse, can?

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How do I plant grapevines?

Hardiness ZoneSelect grapes that are appropriate for your hardiness zone. Check the USDA Hardiness Zone online map for specifics or consult with a gardening center expert.Finding the Perfect PlaceF... Read More »

How to Plant Cabernet Grapevines?

Grapevines in the home garden bring lush, vining, old-world charm and can include both challenge and rewards. They are relatively high-maintenance plants and require careful planting and care if th... Read More »

You recently acquired a sage plant and I'm confused on how often you should water it?

Not really, the glaze over the years may be chipped or have tiny nearly invisible cracks. Prolonged exposure to very hot water (as in a dish washer) will cause water to enter the cracks and discolo... Read More »

What time of year do I plant grapevines?

Most grapevines grow best when planted in the spring. Planting in the fall can lead to damage in the winter. If you plant your vines when the weather is dry, give them supplemental water to encoura... Read More »