Grapes plums blueberries or oranges which fruit do u like better?

Answer Mornin Scooter, better is probly hard cuz I like em and eat em all.Grapes, yummy and turn into raisins, also a good snackPlums turn into prunes, I don't I need them when they get to that stageOrang... Read More »

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Lemon or Grapefruit Plums or Oranges Cherries or Grapes?

Hi ScooterLemon in teaGrapefruit (preferably red) for breakfastEither, each bothboth too but grape is my fave flavor and fruit.

Burger king family feud: Name a fruit that goes well with salad. A. Oranges B. Grapes/Raisins C. Apples?

I've put every one of those in a summer pasta salad. Very strange question. For tossed salad, I would go with apples. I use dried cranberries in salad, so the raisin's would go well too.FYI: As ... Read More »

Coconut or Papaya Bananas or Blueberries Apples or Plums?

Treatment for plums with worms in fruit?

the "worms" are most likely fruit fly larvae. for a tree in the garden get a 30-50 mesh net, for a farm plot look for mass trapping or SIT