Grants for Clergy?

Answer The job of a pastor is demanding and offers little time for rest. Fortunately a number of grant opportunities exist to help offset the costs involved in supporting a congregation and offer clergy a... Read More »

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Has anyone read the book by Matthew Lesko who has "grants grants grants by the government just to give away"?

The problem with Lesko is that he lists down grant giving organizations -- but misrepresent what grants they give. For example, he will classify a foundation as a grant giving foundation for those ... Read More »

How to Apply for Clergy?

The path of becoming an ordained minister is long and difficult. If you have a calling to pursue this path, you can achieve your goal this by fist obtaining a master of divinity degree. You'll then... Read More »

What are the limitations of a military clergy?

Short answer: No.The US military branches permit, encourage, and support families; that is they provide support and benefits for the spouse and dependent children of service members.A girlfriend is... Read More »

Clergy Shirt Colors?

Clergy shirts come in a variety of colors depending on the denomination or religious organization requirements. Most Catholic clergy or priests wear black shirts with white collars. There are two t... Read More »