Grants for Band & Music Programs?

Answer Many educators believe that the importance of music is an important component in the quality of youth education. Unfortunately, funding for in-school and after-school youth music programs is steadi... Read More »

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What or Who is Mighty Music Band on The Fresh Beat Band?

Mighty Music Band is a musical band that The Fresh Beat Band meets in Season 3. My guess is that they are a doppleganger version of The Fresh Beat Band. Not the look-alike type dopplegangers, but t... Read More »

Grants for LPN Programs in Chicago?

A variety of educational grants are available to students who are pursuing training as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Chicago. Although some are open to all LPN students, many of these scholarships ... Read More »

Grants for School Tutoring Programs?

For schools looking to continue or expand their tutoring programs, there are a variety of financial support systems available. Funding is available, both from the federal government as well as priv... Read More »

Grants for Non-Traditional Student Programs?

If you are a non-traditional student you may be returning to finish your degree or entering college or a vocational training program for the first time. Grants and scholarships are not only for rec... Read More »