Grant permission to an Organizational Unit in Active Directory 2003?

Answer You may manage the permission of the sites, and configure the users and groups. This can be done through breaking permission inheritance in the site, and add the specific user and group to it.Here ... Read More »

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Active Directory: How can I grant Deny access to a folder which is granted for all domain users and be able to?

the login process is trying to re-establish the users connection to the shared drive. Modify their login script so it doesn't try to generate a share to this area.

Active directory backup in 2003 Server?

First, To back up Active Directory you have to back up the entire system state. AD is too heavily intertwined with the OS to allow a backup of it alone. You can export AD information for users, e... Read More »

How to Backup Active Directory?

Active Directory is a network structure that stores domain and network information about all computers and devices as well as user and device software settings. It resides on each domain controller... Read More »

How to Reset a Password in Active Directory?

Microsoft Active Directory enables network administrators and IT security personnel to organize and manage user accounts and security levels for enterprise networks. Administrators who support Acti... Read More »