Granola bars hurt my teeth?

Answer If your dentist has not found any problems, then just don't eat the things that bother your teeth.

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Why do my teeth hurt after Candy bars?

That usually happends if you have over 2 cavities.

Are granola bars good for you?

Generally no. They are packed with extra sugar and syrups and in the cases where dried fruit is used, there is even more. If you must eat them I'd highly reccomend baking your own, it really is bet... Read More »

How to Make Granola Bars?

Do you find that commercial granola bars are often loaded with cheap ingredients and others that make you wonder how a granola bar was ever considered healthy. This recipe will enable you to make d... Read More »

Are granola bars I bought a few months ago safe to eat?

HiThey should be just fine as long as theres a wrapper on them. :-)Have a wonderful day God bless :-)