Grandparents Rights?

Answer People usually associate grandparents with hugs, cookies and unconditional love. In general, grandparents and their grandchildren have a special bond. This relationship is often threatened, however... Read More »

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Does illegal father has more rights than grandparents Father wants full custody child's been living with grandparents for four years in AZ?

As an illegal, he probably does not have access to the legal system. The grandparents should probably determine if the father is a fit parent and, if so, do the right thing.

If the parents rights are terminated and the children adopted what are the grandparents rights?

If the child was adopted after the parents rights got terminated I do not think that the grand parents have any rights. If the grand parents talked to the family that adopted the child I would thin... Read More »

The Rights of Grandparents in NYC?

In New York City, grandparents are entitled to visitation rights with their grandchildren in specific circumstances under New York State law. A grandparent who is seeking visitation rights should ... Read More »

Wisconsin Grandparents Rights Law?

When a grandparent’s child dies or the grandparents are otherwise prevented from seeing a grandchild, the grandparents may have the right to seek visitation or custody. Wisconsin law allows grand... Read More »