Grandmother VS Father.. Cusotdy given to the Grandmother.. What Does Father Need to Do?

Answer You must prove to the state that you are fit both financially and mentally to take care of that child. You should also obtain a lawyer if possible and consult with him your case.

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Can a grandmother keep the father from seeing his son?

The answer depends on the circumstances and you haven't provided any details so the following is general information that may be helpful. If the grandmother has custodial rights under law and the f... Read More »

Who did Oprah live with first her father or grandmother?

She helped the poor and is just a good person and that is all

Can a grandmother get legal custody without the father's permission?

Only through a court order. It is assumed she has the mother's consent. If the father doesn't consent the grandmother needs to petition for guardianship and then show why the father is unfit and it... Read More »

Does a father have to pay child support to the mother if the grandmother has guardianship?

The father must pay child support but not to the mother if she doesn't have custody. He should return to court and have the order modified so that the payments go to the legal guardian. He should o... Read More »