Grammar Games For the Parts of Speech?

Answer For most kids, grammar is not the most exciting part of school. It is easy to lose the attention of children while teaching the parts of speech. With a little preparation and imagination, though, a... Read More »

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Parts of Speech in Grammar?

The parts of speech are the elements that comprise a sentence. Every word in the English language falls into one of the eight parts of speech categories. However, one word can fall into different c... Read More »

Grammar Drills for Parts of Speech?

Learning and understanding the parts of speech are an essential part of a child's language arts education. The parts of speech help students to construct and comprehend written and spoken language.... Read More »

English Grammar: Parts of Speech?

Understanding English grammar leads to better verbal communication, writing and reading. Learning the basics of a language also makes it easier to study new languages. Start studying grammar with i... Read More »

Grammar Activities for Parts of Speech?

Teachers are always looking for ways to make learning more fun. Doing grammar exercises on worksheets and in textbooks is necessary but not exciting. Grammar games and activities appeal to students... Read More »