Graffiti Stencil Techniques?

Answer Although graffiti once carried mostly negative connotations, this art form has evolved in recent years and gained a diverse group of mainstream art aficionados. The most common tool to transfer gra... Read More »

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How to Make a Graffiti Stencil?

Graffiti stencils are used to translate images, often photographs, onto surfaces in an urban environment. Whether to make a political message, promote an event, or simply for the love of street art... Read More »

What Is Stencil Art?

Stencil art is created by cutting shapes, numbers and/or letters into sheets made of semi-durable material (plastic, cardboard etc.) and then applying ink or paint to the sheets to reproduce the cu... Read More »

DIY Stencil?

Stencils can be used to apply images on many surfaces. They are great for spray-painting designs on walls, painting with acrylic paint on furniture, or creating a design on a t-shirt with fabric pa... Read More »

How Do I Stencil an Orb?

For a creative person, almost anything can serve as a canvas. Sometimes the object we may choose to paint on is orb-shaped, or spherical, such as garden gazing balls, large round gourds or syntheti... Read More »