Grading Systems in America?

Answer Schools differ in the way they teach and in the way they grade. For some classes there is no distinction in grades between excelling in the class and doing just enough to complete the class success... Read More »

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Alternatives to Traditional Grading Systems?

Critics of traditional grading systems, which involve numerical or letter grades, assert that grades cause students unnecessary anxiety and do not always accurately reflect accomplishments. Traditi... Read More »

Why are bose music systems superior to systems from yamaha, denon, b&o etc?

The simple answer is... "They aren't"As a salesperson and technician for several years, I can tell you that Bose is not a quality electronics company, they ARE a quality MARKETING company. They ha... Read More »

How do enterprise systems interact with property management systems?

SEBI stands for Securities and Exchanges Board of India. It is the governing body for all stock market related instruments in the country. No company is listed in it.Companies are listed either in ... Read More »

Different Grading Scales?

Grading scales are the marks used to record a student's subject and test scores. Individual schools, school districts or state departments of education determine which grading scale is used. Grades... Read More »