Grade Three Activities on Following Directions?

Answer If your students are handing in their work without their names on their papers, titles on their essays or other small details laid out in the instructions, then it's time for some activities on fol... Read More »

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Activities on Listening & Following Directions?

Listening is one of the most important elements of effective and open communication. Whether better communication is needed in a professional, personal, political or academic setting, it is not pos... Read More »

Activities for Kindergarten on Following Directions?

One of the key fundamentals children learn in kindergarten is how to follow directions. This is a skill that will affect how well they do in school and college. It even has a bearing on their futur... Read More »

Activities for Middle School Students on Following Directions?

Teaching a class of middle school students who have trouble following directions can be a frustrating task. During adolescence, children are experiencing many social, emotional and physical changes... Read More »

Life Cycles Activities for Grade Three?

Life cycle activities are designed to teach students about the different phases of an organism's life from beginning to end. The best way to teach this is to use animals that show clear physical ch... Read More »