Grade School Science Fair Ideas?

Answer Grade school is a time when teachers introduce the world of science fairs to children. Whether they offer a demonstration or try to find out why something occurs, students can typically select any ... Read More »

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Science Fair Ideas for the Seventh Grade of Middle School?

The science fair is a memorable rite of passage for most middle school students. Students are asked to visually present their knowledge of a certain subject using a number of possible project ideas... Read More »

What Are Some Third Grade Science Fair Ideas?

Third-grade students have some knowledge of basic science concepts such as properties of matter, plant growth, water properties and physical science. The main focus regardless of the topic is to en... Read More »

Grade Nine Science Fair Ideas?

By the time students enter 9th grade, science fair projects can no longer be simple presentations or demonstrations, such as models of the solar system. Students must employ the scientific method o... Read More »

9th Grade Science Fair Ideas?

By the ninth grade, students are well versed in scientific demonstrations. It is at this point in a student's education that he can begin to set up his own experiments independently and draw his ow... Read More »