Grade Four Writing Activities?

Answer Writing activities for fourth graders must meet the grade level standards and State Performance Indicators (SPI) set by each state's Department of Education. Lessons in writing should teach the stu... Read More »

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Activities for Grade Four Math?

Math can be a tricky concept even for grown-ups. One way to make math lessons for fourth-graders easier to understand is through visual aids and thought-provoking activities. If the lessons are fun... Read More »

October Math Activities for Grade Four?

The early elementary math topics of place value, addition and subtraction give way to multiplication, division, fractions, geometric shapes, measurement and problem solving for fourth graders. Prov... Read More »

Writing Activities for the 3rd Grade?

In third grade, writing exercises begin to differentiate among different genres: descriptive (describes in vivid detail), expository (gives information or explanation), narrative (tells a story), p... Read More »

Writing Activities for Grade 1?

First graders have often just mastered the basics of reading and writing when they enter class in the fall. With practice, patience and creative instruction, first graders will leave the first grad... Read More »