Grade 8 Poetry Projects?

Answer Chances are that students will have been exposed to at least some poetry before they get to middle school, but by the time they are in eighth grade, they should be able to better appreciate poetry ... Read More »

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How to Teach Cinquain Poetry to First Grade?

The cinquain is a formal poem with a specific layout. It's an American poetic form popularized by Adelaide Crapsey. She created it after studying Japanese formal poetry. First graders may not under... Read More »

Grade 2 Art Projects?

Second grade is an excellent time to develop and challenge students' art skills. Art projects can be tied into existing lessons and topics being covered or they can stand alone as a way to teach a ... Read More »

Art Projects for Grade 8?

Mosaics, mosaics and more mosaics --- that's the theme for these grade eight art projects. But these are not your run-of-the-mill tile mosaics; use the unusual to create these unique works of art.

Second-Grade Art Projects?

Second grade is an exciting time in academic life, when students are learning more complex subjects but still enjoying their childhood. Art projects can assist in the education of second-grade stud... Read More »