Gps radio question?

Answer GPS Navigational Systems are independent of your car radio or CD player or even your car as long as you can suplly it with power!You can find more information about GPS devices and their usage at h... Read More »

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I have a deaf question about a radio ad on TV?

That means you will hear a news and traffic update if you tune into that station at :01, :11, :21, :31, :41 or :51 past the hour.As an aside, I don't understand why music videos are closed captione... Read More »

Easy radio question?

many newer radios have aux jacks now, my $15 clock radio does, I think you can go into target or walmart and buy something under $60 that should work well enough. When I was a kid they called them ... Read More »

Shoutcast radio question..?

Is it commanding you to open a file with a specific filename? That's what might be triggering iTunes.

Question about pandora radio?

If you vote them down often enough, Pandora will get the hang of it. Pandora works by finding similarities in the traits of what you like or dislike. It won't be long before pandora figures out tha... Read More »