Government mandates TV going digital or HDD?

Answer Q. What's the difference between HDTV and digital TV?A. Under a federal government mandate, broadcasters are switching from our half-century-old analog system to a digital one that promises to use ... Read More »

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Why does the government want everyone to switch to digital?

Analog TV uses a large chunk of the spectrum very inefficiently. Digital TV is more efficient and uses a smaller chunk of spectrum. After the switch, the portion of the spectrum used by analog TV... Read More »

What do you think about the government making everyone convert to digital?

They aren't forcing everyone to convert to digital. Analog TVs will work fine with converters. All they're doing is changing the way the signal is transmitted. This way more of the spectrum will... Read More »

Government Digital Vs. Analog TV Signals?

The transition from analog television broadcasting to all-digital broadcasting occurred in 2009, with extensive publicity and support from the U.S. government. Mandated by the Federal Communication... Read More »

Who thinks that Digital TV is just a government scam?

i most definately do.when you think about it the government controls and edits american tv.they are what is known as the fcc agency,why should i buy a boe to pull in digital tv when it costs me 100... Read More »