Government-funded stay at home moms, wtf?

Answer I agree with you on a certain extent but do want to clarify that WIC is a great program and a fantastic educational tool for a lot of people. If I needed to take advantage of that program, I would ... Read More »

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For moms that stay at home?

If you can afford to stay at home, then do it! You will not regret it. No one ever says when they die that they wish they worked more and spent less time with their children. Suggestions: 1. ta... Read More »

Stay at home moms, what do you do all day?

Well since we're playing make believe day...My day would beWake up at 9am, go workout. come home, to my kids making me breakfastAfter we get ready for the day and the house cleaner is already clean... Read More »

I feel bad for stay at home moms...?

I think it means the world that you appreciate her. She's made her choice in life and hopefully doesn't regret staying home with you and your siblings. Just help her as much as you can and she wi... Read More »

How to Find a Job for Stay at Home Moms?

Are you a stay at home mom looking for a real job opportunity? Does it seem tough to weed through the fluff out there? Here are some starting ideas to help you find the real gems out there which ca... Read More »