Government Food Assistance?

Answer According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, 21 percent of American households with children are unable to feed all family members adequately. Federal and state governments cooperate t... Read More »

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Why do mom's have the meanest answers to people asking food stamps and government assistance questions?

Life is about choices. It is frustrating to have people act like their pregnancy had nothing to do with their choice to have sex. And then the rest of us are horrible people if we don't feel obli... Read More »

Government Assistance?

In the grand scheme of thing, 450 isn't THAT much money. Start sending them money every paycheck until the balance is paid so they will release your transcripts.

Government Assistance for Parents?

Facing financial difficulties is bad enough on its own, but parents have extra worries. With children depending on you for safety, food and shelter, it's imperative that you get the help you need a... Read More »

Government Assistance for Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs have access to various government programs such as small-business assistance, assistance for minorities and women, and environmental grants. The Small Business Administration provides... Read More »