Government Employment Training?

Answer Economic conditions prompted by the financial downturn which began in 2008 created a need for additional employment training to help people who lost their jobs find new work.

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Government Funding for Employment Training?

The U.S. Government makes grants and other forms of financial aid available to support individuals in preparing for new careers or augmenting skills used in their present occupations. Government fu... Read More »

Federal Government Employment Laws?

Federal employment laws control many aspects of employer-employee relationships, from hiring to termination of employment. Congress has enacted statutes governing compensation and benefits, working... Read More »

Minnesota Government Employment Laws?

As is the case with other states, employment laws in Minnesota seek to ensure that employers treat employees as well as prospective employees fairly. One organization that seeks to accomplish this ... Read More »

What is rewarding faithful party workers with government employment called?

When loyal political workers are given government jobs by victorious candidates regardless of qualification, it is called patronage. This has also been referred to as the spoils system because when... Read More »