Government Accounting vs. Private Accounting?

Answer All organizations, both in the public and private sector, have to report their periodic activities to their respective stakeholders. Basic principles of accounting apply in both government and priv... Read More »

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How have computerized accounting systems such as Quickbooks changed the way accounting is done?

Technology has greatly improved the way companies have conducted business over the past several decades. One of the best technological improvements is computerized accounting software, which helps ... Read More »

Can Financial Accounting Decisons Be Made Without Management Accounting?

Financial and management accounting coexist well in many firms. Both types of accounting can be integrated with the advent of the enterprise resource planning software (ERP), which connects both sy... Read More »

Government Accounting Careers?

Government accounting professionals work in a variety of fields at the federal, state or local levels. As an accountant, you ensure that financial data is prepared in accordance with applicable reg... Read More »

Private Equity Accounting Jobs?

Private equity accountants help firms report financial information according to accounting rules accepted in the industry. Accountants oversee and maintain internal controls and policies and proced... Read More »