Gothic Hairstyles for Japanese Girls?

Answer Popular Japanese fashion is often fragmented into many sub-genres or sub-fashions. Gothic fashion is no exception. There are many different types of Japanese Gothic fashion. However, hairstyles fro... Read More »

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Gothic Hairstyles for Girls?

For women, Goth style rejects or modifies traditional "girly" aspects such as pink clothes, natural hair and rouged cheeks. Gothic literature from the 19th century glamorized death and decay, inspi... Read More »

Short & Gothic Hairstyles for Girls?

A piercing or a tattoo may be forever, but a hairstyle can be quickly grown out. Hair is also one of the first things that people notice about us. Perhaps that's why gothic hairstyles are a popula... Read More »

Gothic Hairstyles for Girls With a Full Face?

Goth Girls with fuller figures and faces can successfully go Gothic with the right hairstyle, makeup and accessories. Gothic style does not require skinny or gaunt vampire-like features. Thin is op... Read More »

Japanese Girls' Hairstyles?

Japanese hairstyles for girls all have the same basic structure. They are composed of a lot of layers, volume on top that tapers toward the bottom with fringe or bangs. The more modern Japanese gir... Read More »