Gothic Haircuts for Men?

Answer If you frequent dark underground clubs and enjoy listening to music by White Raven or Dead Rose Symphony, you are living in a Goth world. Goth individuals prefer to wear heavy, black and sometimes ... Read More »

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Cute Punk Gothic Emo Haircuts for Girls?

Modern hairstyles for girls have become cutting-edge over the years. Gothic, punk rock and emo (meaning emotional) styles are popular among style enthusiasts. The latest trends include accents of v... Read More »

How to Get a Gothic Guy to Like You If You're Not Gothic?

Have you ever had that crush on the guy in the corner, the one who is dark and mysterious? You want to approach him but looking down at your pink ballet flats and white lacy skirt, you realise that... Read More »

Scene Haircuts & Emo Haircuts for Girls?

The scene and emo hair cuts are very similar but have a few main differences. Scene hair can be very shaggy and sleek or have lots of volume. It also seems to be a little more defined than the emo ... Read More »

How to Dress Gothic (Men)?

There are many different opinions on dressing Goth, from true Goths, non-Goths and wannabe Goths. Of course the subculture is not just about the fashion, but its a big part of the Goth expression. ... Read More »