Got service plan on nissan note car 2009, the service company said driver seatbelt clasp slightly loose, need?

Answer I think you are being ripped off to be honest. Suggestion for you. Pop down to your nearest Garage that does mot's and ask if one of their mot testers could take a 30 second look at your seat belt... Read More »

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Is it Medicare fraud for a company to bill commercial insurance companies a higher fee-for-service than they are billing Medicare for the same service?

Answer Insurance companies negotiate rates for services at the best advantage to them. Companies with larger groups get the best rates becaues they have more economic leverage. Medicare is the 900 ... Read More »

What is A wireless service plan with a carrier that provides iPhone service in your area and do i need it for my iphone to work?

Best Online Fax Service for 2009?

the site you mentioned does have the best listing of online fax services.I've tried all three, I have a home office and personally I think that the best for a home office is Save on Faxes.But if yo... Read More »

How is Children's service regulation 2009 better than 1998?

Guidelines vary from state to state. In Washington state it is illegal for anyone under the age of 13 to sit in the front seat of a car if a rear seat is available, regardless of height or weight. ... Read More »