Got my gf pregnant and i am only 16 what do you think i should do?

Answer Get a job and take care of your child. Your childhood is now over, as well as your girlfriend's. Do the right thing, time to be a man!

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You think you may be pregnant but you are only 14 what should you do?

sorry, but its no different at 14, if your pregnant you've got three options, motherhood, abortion or adoption... depending on your guardian and there personality and tolerance level id chose from ... Read More »

Is it possible to think that you are pregnant and have the symptoms only because you think you are pregnant?

%REPLIES% Answer It can happen because you are thinking about all the symptoms and trying to find them that you can "see" them even if they aren't really there. And PMS symptoms can be a lot like ... Read More »

You are only 12 and you think you might be pregnant what do you do?

Answer Go to someone that won't be so angry, hopefully your own mother, and tell her what is going on. If you can't do this, go to a friend's mother. What ever you do, don't wait to long.

What should you do if you are 14 and you think you're pregnant but you think your mum will kill you What are my options?

because i no what it feels like to think you are pregnat, i would go to your loacal clinic and ask them for a free pregnancy test and if it comes out positive then tell some one you can trust and g... Read More »