Got drunk and still throwing up next morning?

Answer ethyl alcohol kills the symbiotic bacteria in the gut and is a diuretic . to achieve homeostasis you need to balance your electrolytes and re establish your gut flora . drink pedialyte or a spor... Read More »

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How can I get drunk without throwing up?

My friend got really drunk tonight and is throwing up!?

She really didn't have enough to get alcohol poisoning, let her get it out of her system she should be fine, keep an eye on her. If she starts getting bad though get her to the hospital

Could it harm the baby if you were really drunk to the point of blacking out and throwing up on the night you conceived?

Answer Anything is possible, however, not everything is probable. I don't think you should worry if this was a one time incident ont he night you conceived. Afterall, you can't change the past, s... Read More »

Ive been throwing up since the morning. only thing I ate was fruit. im very cold?

Only a doctor could asses this but both flu and food poisoning is plausible. Hopefully just flu as that will go in time. Could be a stomach big too, your temperature is key here as you could feel c... Read More »