Got a tooth pulled. how long will i take the bleeding in my mouth to stop?

Answer It should stop within 24 hours.

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I just lost a part of my tooth what should I do its bleeding anyway to stop the bleeding?

first aid for a broken tooth is to put it in a cool glass of water, NOT MILK IT WILL DISOLVE THE NERVES ON YOUR TOOTH SO IT CAN"T BE CEMENTED BaCK ON and go to the emergency room. also, you may wan... Read More »

My daughter had a tooth pulled in the back of her mouth on the bottom and now she is in alot if pain?

HiIt is painful, you need to keep taking pain relief every 4 hours and try to rest. You can apply some thing warm to her face as a comfort till the pain relief kicks in. Take care

If I get a tooth pulled and get a fake tooth in that place how much will it cost on average?

Getting a tooth pulled costs anywhere from $150-$300 depending on what tooth it is and how complicated the procedure will be. Getting a fake tooth depends on what you want. A dental implant will ... Read More »

If a second molar tooth has been pulled can it be possible that it will be filled with a new wisdom tooth that is slowly coming in and will it slowly fill the gap?

I had my molar pulled 10 - 15 years ago and my wisdom tooth did come down and fill in the space. It is slightly slanted but I have never had any problems with it. Answer It is possible for a wisdo... Read More »