Got My Sky Hd Box Installed On Tuesday Help Error Code 48 & No Signal Please?

Answer I think if you plug it back in and turn it on and press back up and keep your finger pressed on it.It will take you into the settings.It should say something there i think.If not you might after ri... Read More »

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What is the error in this code #Java Please Help?

I think, though I do not really know that the problem is with this line.PrintWriter outputStream = new PrintWriter("new.txt");Every time you call the method traverseNodes() you set outputStream to ... Read More »

How to fix a problem on youtube; an error occurred please try again. i have tried everything please help!!?

Edit out your flick, make a file, open a Web browser, surf on over to YouTube, sign in, upload that file. Most any other way you try, including a button on any video editing program, will not work... Read More »

How to Use Morse Code to Signal for Help?

Morse Code has been used for a very long time, especially to send distress signals.

I need help finding my Code Error in C (emacs)?

you misspelled posroot in your assignment statement. The compiler can't guess what spelling you meant (if it tried it would be disastrous for programmers)Also when you copy something in to your qu... Read More »