Gosh, do I HAVE to make a facebook?

Answer Hey girl i am so totally agree with you?! i don't get why the 1st thing(or seems so) people ask when they want to get to know you is "Hey do you have Facebook/Myspave/blahblahblah." I mean.. c'mon!... Read More »

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How old do kids have to be to make a Facebook?

Honestly any age they want. However, Facebook is usually for high school students and up (gr. 9+) because the "school networks" in facebook start at high school and not elementary school.

Do I have to pay to make an Ad for the page I've made in Facebook?

yes, you have to pay money to make an ad - there is no way to make it free

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Congratulations!!!!How exciting! i always read your questions and it's lovely to hear such brilliant news!!!There is nothing to say this is an ectopic pregnancy, I used OPKs and i only caught a pos... Read More »

I have a facebook page about bmx and tattoos, how do I make it really successful?

Keep updating your page with attractive and useful statuses. Keep asking for feedback on a regular basis, make your changes reflect. Like and comment on others’ comments. Post your page on your c... Read More »