Gosh, do I HAVE to make a facebook?

Answer Hey girl i am so totally agree with you?! i don't get why the 1st thing(or seems so) people ask when they want to get to know you is "Hey do you have Facebook/Myspave/blahblahblah." I mean.. c'mon!... Read More »

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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Congratulations!!!!How exciting! i always read your questions and it's lovely to hear such brilliant news!!!There is nothing to say this is an ectopic pregnancy, I used OPKs and i only caught a pos... Read More »

What do you look at often and say gosh thats nice to look at?

Oh my gosh! I heard!?

Thanks for making my morning :)If I had a dollar for every time someone made the, "do you know what those will look like when you are old comment" I would be rich! There are a lot of other things ... Read More »

Oh my gosh, I feel so sh*t. Can I get some help, please?

Bananas have potassium which naturally helps period pains.I always listen to Purple Stain by RHCP. Idk why, but it helps.Lie on your tummy on a soft bed or couch and chew minty gum.Bend over and to... Read More »