Goriest/Most disgusting video ever?

Answer Youre crazy if you dont get disgusted by those videos. Seriously those 3 bastards who killed that poor man and 21 other people are foul.

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What is the most disgusting dish you have ever had?

I don't know what's wrong with everyone else *LOL* Sushi's AWESOME!! Squid included (though it's not my favorite)Some of the grossest food I've been offered:-Broiled liver (smelled like I walked in... Read More »

What is the most disgusting stuff you ever swallowed?

When we were kids my sister and I used to blind-fold eachother and make the person eat a teaspoon of something. I made her eat worcestershire sauce and toothpaste mixed together. Another time I was... Read More »

What is the most Disgusting thing you have ever eaten?

ASPARAGUS...The most disgusting thing ever, agree or disagree?

(sorry, would've answered earlier but I was gagging)ACK! Hate it! Disgusting... agree! lol