Google's new privacy policy?

Answer Google seems to be content to 'push the envelope' with everything.Take for instance the fiasco of some months ago where the roaming Street View vans collected data being exchanged within open WiFi.... Read More »

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How to Write a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is something that is necessary for a wide range of businesses in many fields. Those who are tasked with coming up with these customer focused documents should understand some of th... Read More »

Is a separate privacy policy necessary specifically for HIPAA?

On One Hand: Medical Privacy Requires a Higher Level.Because of the deeply personal nature of some medical problems, medical records are held to a higher standard of privacy than other information ... Read More »

What is required if an employee doesn't follow the privacy policy?

On One Hand: Trust Is BrokenWhen an employee breaks a company's privacy policy, disciplinary action must be taken. Privacy policies protect companies and customers from having important information... Read More »

Would issues about Facebook's privacy policy make you quit Facebook?

Well actually, its quite true that it doesn't have that good privacy policies for us. But if you think in a sensible way, we too, must ensure about what to share, and what not to share. That though... Read More »